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Emergency Call Station Intercoms

Emergency Call Station Intercoms allow a building, parking garage, parking lot and campus-wide network of call stations that will alert the security staff to an emergency situation. Cameras can be programmed to focus on this area when the video security system is integrated with the intercom system.

Analog and VOIP Video Intercom Systems

Intercom systems allow the communication from parking gates, exterior / interior entry doors and other remote locations to communicate to single or multiple security locations and even offsite locations, for instructions, granting access and help with directions. Analog and VOIP systems are available.

Telephone and Video Entry Systems allow the ability to view and/or hear visitors before granting access. At Secure Access we offer the latest technology when it comes to telephone and video entry systems including direct connect intercoms, IP based systems, wireless intercoms and basic telephone entry systems.

Telephone ANd video intercom Systems

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Wireless Networking Solutions

Wireless networking solutions can be a great choice when the option of running cable is not possible or the cost of cable will cause the project to go way over budget.

Residential and Commercial Telephone Entry Systems

Telephone entry systems allow the use of a dedicated telephone line for multi-tenant residences or a shared home telephone line for a single family residence. Telephone entry systems are mostly used for building or gate access systems. They have the ability to grant access, schedule unlock times and entry times zones.  Advanced PC programmable systems allow integration of card readers, keypads and wireless remotes using the database unit to control user access.

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