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Analog Camera Systems

Analog video surveillance has been around for decades, and is reliable and cost effective for certain markets and cost-conscious businesses.

Mega Pixel / IP Camera Systems

IP based systems offer the latest technological advantages; higher resolution images, remote focusing of the camera's lens, use of an existing Data Structured cabling system, POE powered, and offering greater network utilization.

Video security systems

At Secure Access, we know a thing or two about security. Whether for your home or your office, we have the solutions to give you peace of mind and feel secure. With Digital Closed Circuit Television you can keep watch on your property no matter where you are.

Residential Video Security Systems

We understand how important it is for your family to feel safe in your home. With a video security system you can not only keep a constant watch on your home, but you can make sure your kids arrive safely after school or keep an eye on your baby in the nursery.

Our Residential Video Security Systems can be fully customized to fit your needs. These state-of-the-art security systems help deter theft and the likelihood of vandalism on your home. With constant monitoring, instant alerts and remote access, you can check in whenever and wherever to ensure your family and home are safe.

The systems create permanent digital records that you can access at any time. Whether it’s to report an incident or check a specific span of time, a Video Security System makes it easy for you to search your records. Each video is time and date stamped to help you find a specific time quickly and easily.

Video Security Systems are low maintenance, feature instant playback and offer remote transmission and networking. With a digital video security systems, feeling safe and secure is effortless.

Commercial Video Security Systems

Your business, employees and facilities are valuable and need just as much protection as your family. At Secure Access, we know the importance of protecting your assets, and Commercial Video Security System is the perfect solution to ensure your business remains secure when you are not around.

Our Video Security Systems constantly monitor your property and can be fully customized to fit your specific needs. With cash register interface systems, vandal-resistant cameras and IP video surveillance, Video Security is more than just a couple of video cameras.

Your Video Security System will also provide you with remote access so you can see your property no matter where you are. With live video feeds and video archives online, checking up on your business is as easy as surfing the internet.

For the most accurate and precise security around, consider a High Definition Video Security System. These digital video systems are easy to use and offer instant, real time information that can be streamed over your home or business’s internet. With High Definition Megapixel cameras, you will have sharper image quality to be able to catch every detail.

Our HD Video Security Systems are fully customizable to fit your business’s needs. We offer a variety of systems ranging from vandal-resistant cameras to cash register interface systems in order to ensure your business is fully protected.

With one call to Secure Access, we will take care of all your Video Security needs. Secure Access can design your system or we will work with your designer, architect, contractor, or project engineer to ensure you get a high quality system that meets your expectations.

Secure Access offers 24/7 service and repair on all video security systems. Secure Access also offers service agreements on all of our video security systems as well.

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